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Promotions 2016 (Sergeant) drills

Rifle drills 
1) Command: SEDI – A (Attention)
> Drill Movement 
- The right hand holds the rifle vertical at the right side, thumb gripping the left side of the rifle and touching the leg.
- Fingers straight and together, on the right side of the rifle slanting towards the ground, with the toe of the butt in line with the seam of the toe cap of the boot; magazine pointing to the front
- The position of right hand – where the hand, with the arm extended, would be behind/beside the front sight assembly with the flash suppressor touching the arm.
> Common faults: 
- Rifle not verticle – i.e. muzzle pointing forward or to the left or right
- Butt not in line with the seam of the toe cap of the boot
- Fingers not together and curling around the front of the rifle or curled under the foresight guard

2) Command: SENANG DI – RI
> Drill Movement 
- Stand at ease and at the same time tilt the rifle forward on the butt forcing the right forward in line with the right shoulder, keeping the arm straight
> Common faults: 
- Moving the toe of the butt
- Lack of co-ordination between arm and leg
- Curling the fingers around the front of the rifle

3) Command: RUSOK SENJA - TA (Shoulder Arms) 
> Drill movement: 
-With a flick of the right wrist, throw the rifle up to the right shoulder, releasing it when the hand is level with the waist belt
-Straighten the right arm to strike and seize the pistol grip with the thumb round the pistol grip and the back of the right
-At the same time bring the left hand across the body and; with the forearm horizontal, strike and grip the hand guard, forcing the rifle into the shoulder, with the back of the hand to the front, and the thumb behind the stock
-The rifle is vertical with the magazine to the front. Pull rifle back and left arm to the position of attention by the shortest route so that the thumb is touching the leg behind the seam of the trousers and the rifle is resting on the heel of the butt.
> Common faults: 
-Not releasing the rifle soon enough for both hands to seize it at the same time
- Lifting the rifle instead of flipping 
-Moving the right shoulder backwards 
-Butt too far forward 
-Not keeping the left elbow close to the body when pulling it to 
the side 
-Pulling the rifle butt back too far or not far enough
> Timing: 1-CHECK-1

4) Command: TURUN SENJA - TA (Order Arms) [From the shoulder] 
> Drill movement: 
- Force the butt forward so that the rifle is vertical. 
-At the same time bring the left hand across the body to seize the barrel immediately below the flash suppressor, with the thumb and fingers around the barrel, keeping the left elbow close to the body.
-Release the rifle with the right hand. Lower it with the left hand until the toe of the butt is 1 inch from the ground and level with the seam of the right toecap
-As the rifle reaches this position, strike and seize it for the position of the order, keeping the elbow to the side. The rifle is resting on the toe of the butt
-Lower the rifle to the position of the order; at the same time return the left arm to the side by the shortest route.
> Common faults: 
- Looking down at the rifle when executing the drill 
-Not gripping the barrel with the left thumb behind it 
-Not controlling the rifle with the left hand 
- Not keeping the shoulders facing the front 
- Exaggerating the movement of the left hand 
- Banging the butt on the ground 
> Timing: 1-CHECK-1-CHECK-1

5) Command: BARING SENJA - TA (Ground Arms) [Only in OPEN squad] 
> Drill movement
- Take a marching pace of about 75 cm forward with the left foot, allowing the knee to bend 
- The right foot remains at the same spot, with the knee bent but not touching the ground. 
- With the right hand, twist the rifle to the right 
-Lay the rifle on the ground with the barrel pointing straight to the front, the magazine to the right and the butt plate in line with the seam of the right toe cap 
- The left arm is placed such that it is perpendicular to the ground with 
the fist clenched 
- Straighten the body and bring the left foot back 
- Return the right arm to the side 
- Resume the position of attention 
> Common faults
- Looking down 
- Rifle not straight in front 
> Timing: 1-CHECK-1 (bang after 1) 

6) Command: ANGKAT SENJA - TA (Take up Arms) [Reverse of Baring] 
> Drill movement
- Take a pace of 75 cm with the left foot, bending forward 
- Bend both knees and grip the rifle where it is held at the order with 
the right hand, looking to the front 
- Straighten the body, gripping the rifle in the right hand 
-Bring the left foot back
- Twist the rifle so that the magazine faces the front
- Resume the position of attention  
> Common Faults
- Looking down
- Not contolling the rifle
- Losing balance
> Timing: 1-CHECK-1 (Bang after 1)

7) Command: HORMAT SENJA – TA (Present Arms)[Only in OPEN Squad] 
> Drill Movement
- Force the butt forward and slightly upward so that the rifle is vertical
- Immediately bring the left hand across the body, and with the forearm horizontal, strike and grip the stock
- At the same time transfer the right hand from the pistol grip to the small of the butt, so that the fingers are on the right, straight and slanting downwards, the thumb gripping the left side of the butt
- Close the fingers and thumb of the right hand round the small butt and force the rifle up to a vertical position in the centre of the body, with the magazine facing the front
- As the rifle reaches the central position, remove the left hand from the stock, straighten the fingersand thumb and drive the forearm, wrist, palm and fingers onto the lower stock of the rifle, from 6 inches to its left. The heel of the hand strikes the thickest part of the hand guard 
making a recoiling sound
-- Straighten the right arm down the centre of the body thus lowering the rifle to a vertical position about 4 inches from the body. The right forearm is straightened. The hand guard of the left hand changed to round hand grip around the thickest part of the hand guard. The right leg is lifted up at the same time
-- The right leg is driven down to the ground and slightly behind the left with 30° between
> Common Faults: 
-- Pushing the rifle upwards before starting downwards
-- Left hand too high on the stock
-- Weight of the body going on the right foot
-- Increasing the angle between the feet, thereby dragging the shoulders backwards
-- Rifle too close to the body
> Timing: 1-CHECK-1-CHECK-1 

8. Command: Kekanan Lurus (Only in CLOSED squad)
>Timing: Up-CHECK 
> Drill movement
-Rught dressing, normal kekenan lurus, but the first row except the left marker has to raise their right arm. Tilt head towards right marker. Make sure rifle is beside ur toecap always (if in Turun position) 

9. Command: Pandang Kehadapan Pandang (Only in CLOSED squad) 
>Drill movement:
- Eyes front. Cut down arm and tilt back swiftly. 

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